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South Africa


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"I am a perfectionist. I work in a very organised, detailed and efficient manner and I like nothing better than to get my teeth stuck into a project and ensure it is executed timeously and faultlessly, from start to finish. I have a “can do” attitude and enjoy learning new things all the time. The kind of position which appeals to me is one with variety. I dislike being bored and unchallenged. I like to get on with my own work, and do not require micro-managing – I will definitely speak up if I am unsure about anything! I tend to get along with most people and consider myself a friendly and approachable person with a good sense of humour and team spirit."

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"On a more personal and social note, I love to read (especially autobiographies and South African interest), spending quality time with family and friends, looking after my pet house rabbit, and learning new things.  I love to travel as often as I can (my most recent trip being to the UK and Ireland – October 2017, but I left my heart in Greece – June 2015), am an avid yoga fan and also enjoy journaling, writing and watching a good TV series! I took up golf in 2017, but haven't progressed much since my initial lessons."


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